16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (2024)

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The Ninja Soup Maker was a welcome addition to the choice of soup makers available to buy. It’s a versatile appliance that makes so much more than soup (check out my Ninja Soup Maker Review).

All my soup maker recipes can be made in a Ninja Soup Maker but below is a round-up of the Ninja Soup Maker Recipes for you to make.

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1 Curried Lentil Soup

2 Celeriac Soup

4 Thai Green Curry Soup

5 Curried Butternut Squash Soup

6 Chicken Soup

7 Leftover Turkey Soup

8 Carrot and Orange Soup

9 Broccoli and Stilton Soup

10 Spicy Pumpkin Soup

11 Spiced Carrot Soup

12 Moroccan Chickpea Soup

13 Leek and Potato Soup

14 Jamaican Jerk Chicken Soup

15 Green Soup

16 Butter Bean and Red Lentil Soup

Curried Lentil Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (1)

Curried lentil soup is a spicy twist on my tomato and lentil recipe. Keeping some red lentils on standby in the cupboard is the perfect way to ensure you always have ingredients available for a tasty soup.

Nothing beats a warm and hearty bowl of soup on a cold day. This curried lentil soup is perfect for those days when you need something comforting and satisfying.

The delicious mix of spices will warm your soul, while the lentils provide plenty of protein and fibre, keeping you full for longer.

Celeriac Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (2)

Celeriac soup is a simple soup that is not only filling but also low in calories – the perfect combination! Add in some herbs, garlic and onion for some extra flavour.


16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (3)

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Chicken and Chorizo Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (4)

This easy chicken and chorizo soup is packed with flavour, yet it’s not too hot. The onion, garlic, tomatoes, and paprika complement the chicken and chorizo wonderfully.

Thai Green Curry Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (5)

This Thai Green Curry Soup is a spicy, flavourful variation on the common curry dish. You may modify the heat to your liking!

Curried Butternut Squash Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (6)

Curried butternut squash soup is a hearty, smooth curry-infused soup that can be whipped up in no time in any soup maker.

Chicken Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (7)

Chicken soup in a Ninja Soup Maker tastes amazing! One of the many great things about this model of soup maker is its ability to cook raw meat.

The soup comes out really smooth without the grainy texture that some other soup makers leave when blending meat. I love to add some extra ground black pepper to his recipe!

Leftover Turkey Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (8)

This is the perfect recipe for using up all that extra turkey from Christmas! Simply add in the cooked turkey with any other leftover vegetables and make a tasty turkey soup.

Carrot and Orange Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (9)

Carrot and orange soup is a delicious, warming combination of sweet carrots with the tang of orange juice.

Broccoli and Stilton Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (10)

Broccoli and Stilton soup is another wonderful way to use up any extra Christmas cheese you may have laying around! It’s similar to my broccoli and cheddar soup since it calls for only a few ingredients and is a good method to use up any extras.

Spicy Pumpkin Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (11)

Spicy pumpkin soup is a fast and easy soup to prepare, much like other curried soups. It simply tastes better with the addition of just a few spices.

Spiced Carrot Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (12)

Spiced carrot soup is a unique spin on the classic. It’s an excellent alternative to other carrot soup recipes, with a wonderfully spicy kick!

Moroccan Chickpea Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (13)

This Moroccan chickpea soup is a flavourful mixture of chickpeas, tomatoes, and spices that’s perfect for when the weather’s chilly. It’s a hearty and delicious soup that you’ll want to eat every day in the winter.

Leek and Potato Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (14)

Leek and potato soup is a very popular dish – it’s one of the most Googled soup recipes. To prepare a really delicious tasting soup, you only need a few ingredients.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (15)

Is there anything more comforting than a big bowl of soup on a cold day? This Jamaican jerk chicken soup is packed with flavour and will definitely warm you up from the inside out.

The best part is, it’s easy to make and can be tailored to your liking. So why not give it a try today? You won’t be disappointed!

I hope you enjoy this collection of Ninja Soup Maker recipes – let me know in the comments which one is your favourite!

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Green Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (16)

This green soup is ideal for ensuring you get your daily quota of green vegetables! Best of all, it’s completely flexible; add what ingredients you have available and make sure no food goes to waste.

Add your favourite herbs or spices to create a different twist on this super healthy soup, enjoyable all year round.

Butter Bean and Red Lentil Soup

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (17)

Butter bean and red lentil soup is an easy-to-make recipe from cupboard standbys. When cooked and blended, butter beans and red lentils create a really thick soup, making this the ideal lunch if you want to stay fuller for longer.

16 Ninja Soup Maker Recipes (2024)


What can a Ninja soup maker do? ›

Blend Hot & Cold

Delicious hot and cold creations. Enjoy homemade soups, pasta sauces, jams and chutneys, chunky dips, chocolate fondue desserts and rich hot chocolate. Easily create ice-cold milkshakes, healthy fruit smoothies, frozen co*cktails and sorbets.

Do you use hot stock in a soup maker? ›

In order to have piping hot soup in a short amount of time, it's essential to be prepared. Your stock or water must be boiling when added to the soup maker - otherwise you are adding on unnecessary time to the process.

Are Ninja blenders good for soup? ›

This blender makes creamy soups and smoothie bowls, though it's pretty tricky to clean. This multifunctional machine makes near-perfect soups, good smoothies, and decent dips. If you love soup, this is for you, but if you just want a blender, there are better options out there.

Does the Ninja soup maker make ice cream? ›

Tip: Cooking Mode

This is the Ninja® plain vanilla ice cream recipe that is simply delicious eaten plain or with your favorite topping. You can also use it as a base for creating your own unique recipes.

Is a Ninja soup maker worth the money? ›

This really is a fantastic appliance to have in your kitchen, it is very versatile. This is really well built and although it is a bit pricier it's definitely worth the investment. The jug is large and is made of solid glass, and the high speed motor can blitz through anything, even solid things like ice and nuts.

Can you use a soup maker for anything else? ›

from breakfast to evening meal

Many people also use such devices for preparing baby or diet food: mashed and liquid purees. In fact, the capabilities of blenders and soup makers are much wider. In addition to puree soups, they can prepare a full everyday menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What not to put in a soup maker? ›

Raw meat should NOT be added to the soup maker. It's ok to add cooked meat like shredded left over roast chicken or boneless chicken cooked especially for the soup, or things like cooked ham or leftover gammon etc to the soup maker but the soup makers shortish cooking times are not conducive to cooking raw meat.

What not to put in soup stock? ›

Dark greens (spinach, kale, etc) can make a stock bitter and of course greenish in color. Cabbage also can impart a overwhelming bitterness. Potatoes can cloud a stock from their starchiness, so they are not good when you want clear stock for something like a soup or consomme.

What not to put in soup? ›

The Worst Things to Put in Your Soup
  1. By Sara Butler. If there's one good thing about fall and winter, it's soup. ...
  2. Heavy Cream. Heavy cream creates an inviting texture for soups but that's where its positive contributions end. ...
  3. Juice. ...
  4. Turkey Bacon. ...
  5. Cheese. ...
  6. Croutons.

Which Ninja is best for soup? ›

The Ninja Foodi Soup Maker can cook and blend at the same time, while auto-stir keeps your creation moving, so there's no need to use any other pans or appliances.

Is the Ninja soup maker noisy? ›

Unlike other soup makers on the market that utilise the friction from the spinning blades to create heat, the Ninja Foodi Blender & Soup Maker has a built-in heating element, which makes the appliance less noisy in use, and also ensures you can create chunky as well as smooth soups.

Is it worth buying a soup maker? ›

Though not a kitchen essential, soup makers can save a great deal of time, stress and washing-up. Traditional soup recipes call for various stages of preparation, from chopping, to simmering for long periods of time and blitzing, which is time-consuming and creates mess.

Can you make smoothies in Ninja soup maker? ›

The HB150UK from Ninja is a blender for all seasons. From smoothies to soup, you can cook and blend at the same time with this versatile 2-in-1 appliance.

Can you use frozen veg in Ninja soup maker? ›

A: You can use frozen vegetables, the blender is cooking them anyhow. Just make sure not to overfill the jug like i did during my first use. Thank you for your feedback!

What is the point of a soup maker? ›

Put in the simplest terms, a soup maker is a kitchen appliance that's designed to automate as much of the soup making process as possible; it's all about convenience. Of course, soup makers aren't merely a heating element and blending blade combined.

Can I use frozen vegetables in a soup maker? ›

You need to thaw frozen vegetables thoroughly, partly because if still frozen they might be hard enough to damage the blade and partly because they will release extra water into the soup and affect its consistency. Otherwise fresh, frozen or a combination are all fine.

Can you put frozen veg in a Ninja soup maker? ›

You can use all fresh vegetables when making Ninja Foodi Vegetable soup. And, while I would usually say… fresher is better, this time I”m saying… use frozen veggies!

Can you make smoothies in a Ninja soup maker? ›

The HB150UK from Ninja is a blender for all seasons. From smoothies to soup, you can cook and blend at the same time with this versatile 2-in-1 appliance.


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