3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (2024)

3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (2)

3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1

3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (3)


Operate up to three indoor units with a single outdoor unit.

  • 3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (4)
  • Max. indoor units
  • 3

  • 3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (5)
  • Cooling Capacity
  • 7,90 kW

  • 3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (6)
  • Heating Capacity
  • 7,91 kW, 8,20 kW

  • 3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (7)
  • Guarantee
  • 5 years

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3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (8)

Unit variety

There is a large variety of indoor units to satisfy every need of your space.


3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (9)

Eurovent certified

Eurovent’s certification ensures that all technical characteristics labeled on a product by its’ manufacturer are true.


3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (10)

Self Diagnosis & Auto Protection

Once abnormal operation or part failure happens, the unit will shut off automatically to protect the system. Meanwhile it will indicate protection or error code for fast service.

3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (11)

Installation flexibility

The maximum height difference of the exterior from the indoor units reaches 15m, which makes it possible to install even in buildings with a special architectural style. In addition, the height difference between the indoor units can reach up to 10m, allowing installation in high-rise buildings. Finally, with a maximum allowable piping length of 75m, you can choose without restrictions the ideal installation location of the outdoor unit for maximum visual and acoustic comfort.

3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (12)

3D DC Inverter

The indoor unit is equipped with a DC inverter fan motor. The outdoor unit is also equipped with DC inverter technology compressor and fan motor. With 3 DC inverter motors the unit achieves maximum performance and energy efficiency.

3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (13)


Allows you to start the unit at a preset time in the desired cooling or heating mode.

3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (14)

One unit for up to 3 rooms

A single outdoor unit can serve up to three different rooms with a choice of indoor units: high wall, cassette, duct and / or floor console.

3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (15)

Carrier Warranty

Carrier invented modern air-conditioning in 1902. Since then we are continuously innovating our products to provide you excellent efficiency and energy savings.

3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (16)

Silent Mode

Indoor fan will run at super quiet mode, achieving extremely low noise levels.

3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (17)

Unit variety

Choose one or more types of indoor units to combine with your outdoor unit, depending on the needs of your space:
Carrier high-wall units combine the comfort you desire with the power of triple action filters. Choose the unit that suits you best from the 42QHG and 42QHB series
For those of you who are looking for a suspended ceiling solution but have limited dimensions, the 42QTD series cassette units will meet your needs for advanced air control and discreet design.
If comfort is your main concern, the 42QSS series duct units will surely exceed all expectations with their flexibility of installation and high standards.
No matter how small or large the room you want to air-condition, 42QZA floor units and 42QZL ceiling units are a unique and, above all, flexible comfort solution for perfect heating and cooling.

Eurovent certified

Eurovent verifies and certifies that the performance and technical characteristics of the air conditioners fully comply with European and international standards. A Eurovent certified air conditioner is guaranteed to deliver what its manufacturer states.
In order for an air conditioner to bear the Eurovent certification stamp, it has passed the strict control protocols of the independent authority and has been accurately evaluated.
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3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (18)

ΤΟΙΧΟΥ 42QHG009D8S* (x3)-1ΤΟΙΧΟΥ 42QHB009D8S-1 (x3)ΚΑΣΕΤΑ 42QTD009D8S (x3)-1ΚΑΝΑΛΑΤΟ 42QSS009D8S (x3)
Heating Capacity8,20 kW8,20 kW7,91 kW8,20 kW
SCOP (average)4,04,04,04,0
Energy Label CoolingA++A++A++A++
Energy Label (Heating/average)A+A+A+A+
Max. length for all rooms60m60m60m60m
Max. height difference IDU -CDU15m15m15m15m
Max. height difference indoor units10m10m10m10m
Operating Range °C (Cooling)-15 ~ +50οC-15 ~ +50οC-15 ~ +50οC-15 ~ +50οC
Operating Range °C (Heating)-15 ~ +24οC-15 ~ +24οC-15 ~ +24οC-15 ~ +24οC
Voltage/Hz/Ph220-240V, 50Hz, 1Ph220-240V, 50Hz, 1Ph220-240V, 50Hz, 1Ph220-240V, 50Hz, 1Ph

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    3:1 38QUS 021 D8S3-1 (2024)


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