Hades 2 devs ask fans not to share datamined content so that roguelike fans still have some surprises in store for early access (2024)

Hades 2 devs ask fans not to share datamined content so that roguelike fans still have some surprises in store for early access (1)

Hades 2's technical test is here, and even though only a select number of players are being allowed in, social media timelines everywhere are already flooded with excited fans enthusiastically sharing screenshots of the roguelike sequel and its beloved Greek gods.

This was to be expected, of course, especially the sheer thirst that the new character designs are generating, but some content that's hit the internet wasn't actually meant to surface yet at all. It turns out that some files were accidentally left in the technical test by developer Supergiant Games, which understandably doesn't want us peeking at them just yet. As such, the studio is politely asking anyone sharing them to take posts down so that there are still secrets for players to uncover when the early access period launches later in the year.

In a direct message shared by one fan on Reddit, Supergiant writes: "It was our mistake to include content in the build that wasn't meant to be revealed yet, and we know no harm was intended by posting it or anything like that. This is just an example of something we hoped players would discover in the early access version rather than before. Thank you for your consideration!"

Hey friends, just a little heads up from r/HadesTheGame

Other fans have reported receiving similar requests, so Supergiant definitely appears to be trying its best to keep this content under wraps for now. It sounds like we can expect to see it within the game itself once early access rolls around, which is planned to come some time after the technical test concludes. We don't have a date on that right now, but at that point, all PC players will be able to dive into the action, which is very exciting.

Here at GamesRadar+, we're optimistic about Hades 2 based on our hands-on time with the technical test, and already think it "has the potential to improve over the original game in every facet of its being." Even at this point, we said it feels like "a more deliberate attempt to alter what both a roguelike and a Supergiant game can be." Here's hoping it can keep it up throughout early access and beyond.

If you're keen to dive into the roguelike sequel right now, you can check out our guide to find out how to access the Hades 2 technical test, but keep in mind that not everyone is being let in.

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Hades 2 devs ask fans not to share datamined content so that roguelike fans still have some surprises in store for early access (2)

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Hades 2 devs ask fans not to share datamined content so that roguelike fans still have some surprises in store for early access (2024)


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