What Does WYD Mean? Snapchat, Texting, and More (2024)

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1What does WYD mean in texting?

2What does WYD mean on social media?

3How to Use WYD

4How to Respond to WYD

5Alternative Meanings

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Co-authored byJohn Keeganand Amber Crain

Last Updated: September 8, 2023Fact Checked

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Have you received a "WYD" message and now you're wondering what it means? Keep scrolling to read our complete guide on interpreting WYD on all platforms, including text and social media. We'll also explain how to reply to WYD and include examples so you can start using WYD, too!

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What does WYD mean in texting?

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  1. 1

    Over text, WYD means “What (are) you doing?” Typically, WYD is an informal way to start a convo with a friend or crush, similar to “What’s up?” The sender wants to know what you're actively doing right now. They may also be checking to see if you’re free to chat or hang out.[1]

    • You may see WYD with or without a question mark. Either way, WYD is always a question. The sender is expecting a response.
    • You might see WAUD or WUD (which also means “What are you doing?”) but these abbreviations are a lot less common.
    • When sending WYD through texting, the person is usually trying to keep it simple and act like they're not putting too much investment into the moment, even though they are reaching out.
  2. 2

    Sometimes, WYD is used rhetorically as a sarcastic comment. In this situation, the abbreviation is used by someone who’s annoyed or angry. WYD will appear sarcastically at the end of their scathing or judgy comment.[2]

    • "You left the door unlocked again, WYD?! 😩"
    • "You didn’t vote in the election? WYD with your life??"
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What does WYD mean on social media?

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  1. On social media, WYD also means “What (are) you doing?” The person wants to know what you’re up to and is expecting a reply. This meaning applies on all social media platforms, including Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.[3]

    • On dating apps, WYD is sometimes used to initiate a booty call. It still means “What are you doing?” but the subtext is “Are you free to hook up?”[4]

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How to Use WYD

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  1. 1

    Start a casual convo with a friend or crush. If you want to reach out via text or social media and see what they’re up to, WYD is a super easy way to do that.[5] Keep in mind that WYD is really informal, so you wouldn’t want to use it in an email to a teacher or manager. You might say:

    • "Hey Stefan! 👋 It’s been a minute. WYD?"
    • "WYD bestie?"
  2. 2

    Lead with “WYD” before asking a friend or crush to hang out. Go this route if you want to make it clear immediately that you’re trying to make plans with the person. You could say:

    • "WYD? Wanna go bowling? 🎳"
    • "Hey, WYD today? Let's meet for lunch."
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How to Respond to WYD

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  1. 1

    Let the person know what you're up to right now. Typically, WYD is a literal question, so if it's your bestie, just tell them what you’re up to! You don’t necessarily have to tell the truth if you don't like the person or you think they want something. If it's someone that's flirting with you, you could also try replying playfully. For example:

    • Your bestie: "haaaay WYD right now?"
      You: "Just listening to music and reading! 📚 🎶 HBU?"
    • Someone you’re avoiding: "WYD today?"
      You: "Super swamped with homework. TTYL"
    • Someone you're flirting with: "WYD?"
      You: "You know what I'm doing. 😉"
  2. 2

    Accept or decline their invitation to hang out. If WYD is followed by an invitation, be sure to address that when you respond to the sender. For example:

    • Them: "WYD later? Let’s hit the mall."
      You: "K! 🎉 Meet you there in an hour."
    • Them: "Hey wyd, u free for lunch"
      You: "Can’t today, my sister is home from college so we’re chillin"
    • Guy on Tinder: "wyd girl"
      You: "😒 booty calls aren’t my jam bro"
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Alternative Meanings

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  1. World Youth Day. World Youth Day is an annual event organized by the Catholic Church.[6] It’s pretty unlikely the sender is referring to this event, but you never know! You can always ask if you need clarification.

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